Why Now is the Right Time to Sell Your Plano Home

  • Brad Ritz
  • 07/30/21

Known for its favorable atmosphere for starting a business and its quality of life, Plano, Texas, is an excellent place to reside and raise a family. If you are planning to sell your Plano house, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. The selling conditions are perfect in this part of the U.S. due to real estate market conditions, the time of year, and other factors. If you’re on the fence about whether to sell your Plano home now, here are some compelling reasons why you should do it.

The market is highly competitive

The Plano real estate market is currently very competitive, with more prospective buyers than there are listings. Homes for sale in Plano often get multiple offers. The average house in this area sells for around 5% more than the listing price, while hot homes can sell for almost 11% more than what they are listed at. When you list your Plano real estate, you can expect to sell it quickly and for at least what you are asking for it. Of course, this may pose a challenge if you try to buy new homes for sale in Plano to move into. However, with the help of an experienced Plano real estate agent, you can successfully find and buy a house that suits your needs. If finding a home you like proves difficult, you can arrange a rent-back agreement with the new owners of your home so you can continue living there while searching for a new house.

Summer is the best time to sell

Though the summer temps can soar into the mid-90s, that doesn’t mean people aren’t out looking at homes for sale in Plano. Summer is the perfect time for many to buy new homes because their kids are out of school, and people can take off more time for summer vacations and holidays. No one wants to switch schools midyear, so buying before the new school year starts is a priority for most families with young kids. Though summer is quickly slipping away, you still have time to list your Plano real estate to attract these buyers. If you are marketing to young families, include listing details about nearby schools, parks, recreational facilities, and other amenities applicable to this target demographic.

Remote work is still popular

During the heart of the pandemic, people fled from large metro areas to work remotely from suburbs with more space and lower housing costs. Dallas did not have the same exodus as places like Los Angeles or Manhattan, but there were still plenty who decided to migrate to nearby suburbs, like Frisco, Southlake, and, of course, Plano. Though many have returned to their offices in Dallas either part-time or full-time, there is still a significant percentage of workers who will be able to continue remote work on at least a part-time basis. Even those who will need to work in a Dallas office full time are willing now to make the commute from places like Plano that are only a short commute away.

To appeal to those who want to leave the metro for good, you should list your house among other homes for sale in Plano as soon as possible. Workers will want to settle in their new digs before the fall hits and schools and office work are in full swing. To appeal to those working remotely, make sure your home has a dedicated office space, preferably with a Zoom Room.

Tips on listing homes for sale in Plano

Ready to take advantage of these conditions and get your Plano home sold? Though it’s easier than ever with the low inventory and high demand, you still need to consider these tips to ensure your sale goes as smoothly as possible:

◾ Price it correctly. Don’t be tempted to overinflate the price of your Plano real estate because of the market conditions. The best way to drive traffic and encourage offers is to price your home fairly. Have your agent do a comparative market analysis to see what other similar homes in the area have recently sold for to determine a competitive price.

◾ Stage it. Your ideal buyers need to visualize themselves living in your home before they submit an offer. A professional stager will help this process by arranging furniture and décor to best show off your home and make it appealing to buyers. Don’t want to work with a stager? You can always stage it yourself or choose virtual staging services.

◾ Market it online. Most of those looking at homes for sale in Plano begin their search online. Appeal to these shoppers by creating a strategic online marketing campaign complete with Facebook and Google ads, a landing page, and a listing with professional images and a virtual tour of your home.

◾ Focus on curb appeal. Whether your ideal buyer first sees your home in person or online, their first impression will come from the exterior. Make sure that impression is a positive one by optimizing your curb appeal. Keep the lawn area tidy, add potted plants or flowers to the walkway, and think about replacing the mailbox, front door, or garage door if they’ve seen better days.

Now is prime time for those considering listing their homes for sale in Plano due to the market conditions, time of year, and ongoing remote working trends. If you’re ready to take advantage, reach out to an experienced local real estate agent, like those on the Ritz Group, for expert guidance.


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