Fun and Functional Homework Station Ideas

Fun and Functional Homework Station Ideas

  • Brad Ritz
  • 10/27/20

It’s a new school year. Parents and children around the country are preparing for their children to start their studies. This year, however, is unlike any year we’ve ever seen. It’s the year where the ‘Homework Station’ is becoming a household name.

Deciding to home school is a big decision. There is also a large supply list that comes along with it. Where does a family store all of those pens, pencils, glue sticks, paints, scissors, and other supplies needed to keep the learning on pace?

Thankfully, there are as many creative design ideas out there as there are homes that need them! One keyword search on the internet will start you in the right direction.

Here are five great ‘homework station’ ideas we found that are sure to put any home school student at the top of the class!

IKEA Hack of Hinged Desk

Top Left Quiet Nook. Top Right Confetti Ready. Bottom Left Magnetic Art Gallery. Bottom Right Table Through Bookshelf.

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